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Our primary objective is the steady growth of the company, always maintaining  its  anthropocentric nature,  building high quality buildings with consistency and reliability in the market.

In this context, the A-B ALEXOPOULOS company:

· Expands evenly into new markets, investing in developing regions

· Monitors  the developments in building construction by introducing innovative techniques in its buildings.

· As part of the new energy policy, advances the construction of bioclimatic buildings.

We aim in the future to further expand the company's activities in the construction sector, both in Greece and abroad with strategic partnerships , to expand to neighboring Balkan countries and to the continuous improvement of services offered.




Diakopto -  Aigialeia


Achaia - Peloponisos


Mobile: 6945776821(24hour service)

Tel: 26910 41802

Fax: 26910 43695