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As the impact of the construction industry are becoming more apparent in our living environment due to increased construction activity, construction company AB Alexopoulos adheres to the concepts of sustainability and eco-design invaded imperative to create a healthier model construction and reduce environmental impact.

The approach followed by manufacturing our company aims at taking into account all stages of the life cycle and leads to the optimal balance of cost and environmental considerations, always achieving the functional purpose of the construction.

Eco-design aims to reduce the environmental impact, while improving the operational performance of the construction. The basic goals are to reduce consumption of non-renewable natural resources, minimization of waste production and creating healthy and functional structures.

The principles of eco-design of our products include the following summary:

- Topology optimization

- Appropriate selection of building materials and the use of preference-friendly

friendly products

- Minimize consumption of non-renewable energy resources

- Protection and conservation of water resources

- Promote environmental quality

- Optimization of operating practices and maintenance


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